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Awaken & Balance Your Root Chakra Muladhara

What is the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is the first and most important of the Seven Chakras. It is our life force which is located at the base of the spine. It is the foundation to our emotional and physical well being. It is associated with grounding, finances, security and its our direct connection with Mother Earth. When this energy center is blocked you will have feelings of fear, anxiety, physical and emotional instability and a disconnect with Mother Earth. This Chakra is about survival and instincts and during these dark times we are currently in, it is normal for many to have this energy center out of balance.

The Root Chakra roots the body and soul to the Earth and draws the energy from the ground up to all the other energy centers. This main power station needs to be strong and thriving in order for it to provide healthy flowing energy and vitality. When this energy center is healthy and balanced you will feel safe, grounded, centered and confident and can easily fulfill our needs. We are able to live effortlessly, we are mindful and feel a strong connection with self and others around us. A balanced base Chakra gives you security, stability and we are able to manifest an abundance of everything we need to survive,

The Muladhara Chakra (Sanskrit for Root Chakra) which means Root Support is associated with the earth element, survival, support and stability. The Root Chakra is associated with the color red which symbolizes primal instincts of strength and vitality. As previously mentioned It is also closely linked to physical and emotional needs.


Element Associate With The Root Chakra

The element is Earth and it is important to cultivate a relationship with Mother Earth by going out in nature and contemplating all its beauty before our eyes. Ground yourself by taking off your shoes and feel the Earth's energy flowing up to your Root Chakra be patient and present. Gardening is another way of grounding and it is a great way to get your hands to feel fresh cool soil.  Stretching and practicing yoga early in the morning while the sun is rising is a wonderful alternative to grounding. Grab a yoga mat, find a quiet space and embrace the rays of the sun. Practice gratitude while stretching or grounding to raise your vibration.


Eating Red Produce

Eating red produce will also help nourish the Mudlahara. You can enjoy raspberries, fresh strawberries, tomatoes and red bell peppers. When eating these foods enjoy the taste and thank them for the vibration they carry. Remember to be mindful of the nourishment they are providing your first primal energy center.


Meditation & Visualization

Meditation and direct visualization can help you connect with your inner energy environment and universe. We have put together a Guided Meditation which provides you with different techniques that may assist you in aligning and awakening your first primal energy center. Mentally focus on your Root Chakra when you meditate this is the best way to awaken and balance your Root Chakra. This process takes time so patience and consistency is key not duration. Finding the time to meditate everyday is vital for our mental health, physical and spiritual health. Before you start it is important to be comfortable and have everything ready with no interruptions. This is a very important time to be present and connect with the universe.

Grounding while being grateful is a very powerful technique to help you in activating your Root Chakra. During meditations think of the many reasons you have to be grateful for and write them down. You can always refer back to those notes when feeling down. Read the notes and feel a sense of gratitude flowing through and around you.

Another way to revitalize your Root Chakra is by visualizing the Earths energy coming up to cleanse and clear up any negative energy, unwanted blockages or emotions. Do this when you are undisturbed and have a few minutes alone to really focus and connect with Gaia. Take off your shoes, close your eyes and connect with the Earths energy.


Wearing The Color Red

Energize Your first primal energy center by wearing red. The color red is a vibrant and bold color which represents power, confidence, courage and passion. It also represents our energy which anchors us to the planet that sustains us. It gives us the power and inner strength to achieve our dreams.


 Working With Crystals

Working with Red Jasper or Red Calcite can help you awaken your Root Chakra. Red Jasper represents grounding, strength and passion. Red Calcite is grounding and protects energetic and emotional boundaries. You may carry the crystal with you in your pocket or purse. You can also work with them during meditation by holding the crystal and feeling it's vibration. Ask for them to assist you in your healing process and if you pay close attention you will see they will reveal their powerful energies. Adding crystals to your altar, car or work space is a beautiful way to work with crystals. Allow them to charge your space with all the vibrant healing powerful vibrations they exude.

Place a crystal at the base of your spine and feel its energy clearing, and healing  your Root Chakra.



Repeat these affirmations several times daily or as often as you feel to help gain momentum in your Root Chakra.

I am a child of the Universe and I am always loved and protected.

I am healthy

I affirm that I am strong and able to handle any situation

I am thankful for this opportunity to express myself and grow.

I am safe 

I bless all of those who have helped me realize my worth along the path of light.



An imbalanced and blocked Chakra can be a result from our own thoughts, past experiences and traumas. Once we take ownership and responsibility for our negative thought patterns, past or present negative behavior we will create a path where we will start our healing journey. Another important point I would like to add is the importance of healing our own trauma and how vital this process is to our survival. It is essential in building relationships with ourselves and those around us. Loving ourselves, setting healthy boundaries and practicing gratitude and self care are a part of the healing process as well. As we heal our trauma we raise the frequency in our vibration and most importantly the vibration as a collective on this planet. We have the ability to thrive in a negative dark world with minimal impact on our spirit and life with the right tools, love and wisdom. Once the first Chakra is healed, all imbalances in the other Chakras, aura and physical body will be highlighted which will then prompt you to heal those areas that may need attention and self care. The journey is not easy but the results of putting in the work will be very rewarding and the tools mentioned above will hopefully assist you in creating a rewarding life so you may benefit from life's full abundance.

You can find our Guided Meditation, which can assist you in aligning your Root Chakra, on all streaming platforms.


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Love & Light,

Sylvia & Santiago

Paradigm by SG






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