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Paradigm by SG

Calm Organic Herb & Resin Blend

Calm Organic Herb & Resin Blend

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Allow yourself to relax with our exceptional Calm Organic Herb & Resin Blend. Created with Copal and Myrrh Resin, this one-of-a-kind mix is designed to help you de-stress and recharge after a long day or when facing life changes. Savor a moment of peace and harmony with this luxurious blend. Enhance your rituals with this blend that brings tranquility and serenity. Setting up your sacred space with the right tools is essential for any meditation session. We never use chemicals and use organic homegrown white sage with love and care. Additionally, we add a few crystals to give you motivation and a calmer mind. Release all worry and apprehension with this blend and step into your true self with poise and composure. Burn this blend in a heatproof shell or bowl to clear the energies that may be stuck or lingering around. Open yourself up to a new level of clarity with this carefully crafted blend.

Materials Included:
White Organic Homegrown Sage
Organic Homegrown Eucalyptus
Palo Santo Shavings
Organic Homegrown Rosemary
Small Amethyst Crystal
Small Selenite Crystal


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