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Paradigm by SG

Divine Creativity Blue Sage Bundle

Divine Creativity Blue Sage Bundle

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Beautiful California Blue Sage Bundle with Yellow Sea lavender statice, homegrown organic rosemary, baybs breath and dried spray roses. 4 inches long blue sage bundle carefully put together with fresh and dried flowers. Its vibrant colors are meant to uplift and stand out in any room or space.

Unlock true inspiration with the Divine Creativity Blue Sage Bundle. This carefully selected bundle of herbs and flowers is adorned with colorful materials to help you invoke your creative muse. 

Sweet Smoke cleansing has been practiced in many cultures for centuries. As smoke cleanses negative scents and energy it opens and clears paths. Its natural aroma is uplifting and natural cleanser than fragrance scents which have chemicals. Blue Sage is named for its abundant beautiful blue flowers. Its thin leaves are fragrant and floral. Close relative to White Sage is a great alternative to smudging.

Perfect for a gift, favors or to bring positive energy into your personal space. These bundles provide a fresh, fragrant aroma and fill the room with positive intentions. Start or continue your journey of positive vibes today and create lasting works of art with the power of these sacred ingredients that will help you unearth your most creative ideas.

All are made to order, made with positive intentions. No bundle is alike. 


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