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Paradigm by SG

Dried Homegrown Organic Eucalyptus Loose Leaves

Dried Homegrown Organic Eucalyptus Loose Leaves

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Our Dried Homegrown Organic Eucalyptus Loose Leaves bring the beauty of nature's majestic silver dollar Eucalyptus to any occasion. These extraordinary leaves are carefully harvested and dried from an organic tree in our backyard, creating a unique and sophisticated atmosphere of simple luxury sure to impress.

Harvested with the utmost care, our Dried Homegrown Organic Eucalyptus Loose Leaves are sustainably grown with our own organic compost, vitamins, and minerals for a truly nourishing result. Bask in their fragrant aroma to bring a transformative effect to your space.

Experience the alluring, organic aroma, never stripped of their color and natural oils with careful sunless drying. Let the refreshing scent fill your home and enliven your senses. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

Use this product for tea or decor. Create small satchel bags with different herbs and handout as favors. Use to calm anxiety or stress when taking deep healing breaths during meditation. You can use as eco friendly confetti for a wedding or place on party tables as decor for a baby shower or birthday party.

60 dried leaves per order.


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