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Paradigm by SG

Honoring Myself Ceremony Rose Sage Bundle

Honoring Myself Ceremony Rose Sage Bundle

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Harness the energy of honoring the self with this unique, made-to-order Ceremony Rose Sage Bundle. Crafted thoughtfully and with love, this one-of-a-kind bundle offers an energizing way to show self-respect and admiration. Feel special and celebrated with Honoring Myself Ceremony Rose Sage Bundle!

This bundle comes with a selection of dried Rose petals and Sage, perfect for a home ceremony of purifying your space and honoring your soul. These botanicals are ethically sourced, making your honoring ritual all the more special!

Celebrate yourself with this unique and one-of-a-kind Honoring Myself Ceremony Rose Sage Bundle. Meticulously crafted and made to order, this bundle is the perfect way to honor your worth. Perfect for those special moments of reflection, this bundle ensures that you feel treasured and cherished.


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