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Paradigm by SG

Limpia Mini Bundle

Limpia Mini Bundle

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The Limpia Mini Bundle, featuring all you need to perform a specialized cleansing ritual, is the perfect way to reach a state of inner harmony. Discover new realms of spiritual awareness by treating yourself to a curated selection of sacred tools of purification for a truly luxurious and mindful experience.

Many Shamans for centuries have used the Limpia ritual to remove negative energy. Very powerful cleansing tool when the energy is tense and extremely negative. Good to use when having nightmares or stale negative energy that just won't go away. Can be use on a person or in a space. Use when starting a business or when sales are low and stale. Use after having someone or several people over. People carry many negative entities that we may not see with our physical eyes and those negative energies stick around our sacred space and or homes. Remove those unwanted energies with this bundle. It is very vital and important to keep our energy balanced. Energy and frequency is what shapes our paths. We carry those energies with us wherever we go. 

Rosemary is known to uplift ones mood and enhance the memory. Rosemary

Cypress was use in ancient rituals to our and let go of past traumas.

Please ask for instructions if needed.

These are tools that can assist you on your journey. Remember your intentions are powerful.

 Each item is handmade and made to order. Please allow 5-7 business days for item to ship.


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