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Paradigm by SG

Mini Torch Homegrown California White Sage

Mini Torch Homegrown California White Sage

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Beautiful Sacred Organic Homegrown Mini (4')White California Sage straight from our backyard.

Grow your spiritual practice with Mini Torch Homegrown California White Sage, organically harvested in the sunshine state! This beautiful sacred sage brings spiritual clarity, focus, and peace with every burn. Enjoy the peace and insight provided by this special homegrown bundle. 

Powerful cleansing tool is perfect for banishing any negative energy and restoring balance. Its earthy, fragrant aroma helps to uplift and strengthen your energy field and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Grown lovingly in our very own homemade compost, the fresh aroma of this sage will fill your home with its invigorating scent! Unlock the full potential of your spiritual journey with this remarkable, aromatic herbal remedy. Its small size makes it easy to transport, allowing you to carry its powerful properties wherever you go.


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