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Paradigm by SG

Shadow Work Hand Poured Candle with Crystals

Shadow Work Hand Poured Candle with Crystals

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Shadow work candle carefully hand poured into a black 4 oz tin can. Made with Lavender essential oil, Dragon Blood oil, Myrrh essential oil, soy wax and double wood wick. Perfect candle to pack up when traveling or to have on your altar or office space.

This candle is specifically made for those who are going through a shift or working with their shadow self.

The essential oils we use for this candle were specifically picked to help you get through any shift or awakening you maybe experiencing. Light this candle when you are meditating. Set your intentions for good and positive energy to come out of any hardship you may be experiencing. Remove any obstacles in your way and open up the path to new beginnings. Allow yourself to let go of the past and reflect on mistakes and let the go. When growing and reflecting visualize the path and life you deserve and want. Set your intentions for health, love, prosperity and a clear understanding on who you truly are and what your purpose is in this life.

Dragons Blood spiritual benefits are: Cleansing, removed blockages, removes negative energy, aids with protecting your energy field and help with spiritual growth.

Myrrh spiritual benefits: Assists in connecting with your higher self. Clears energetic blockages and creates a calm atmosphere.

Lavender spiritual benefits: Calming, cleansing, healing, soothing and grounding.

All scents together create a powerful calming scent to assist in getting through a shift.

Candle is topped with dried chamomile, black tourmaline crystal chips, yerba santa and blue wildflowers.

--4oz tin cans
--Perfect to gift to a special someone
--16 hour burn time
--Care instructions included
--100% Sox Wax
--Made with love and care
--Hand poured
--No harmful chemicals added
--Double wood wick for longer burning time

All candles are made to order. All natural.


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