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Paradigm by SG

Shadow Work Organic Herb & Resin Blend

Shadow Work Organic Herb & Resin Blend

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Shadow Work Organic Herb & Resin Blend with herbs, golden Peruvian copal Resin and Musk Resin. Unlock the power of nature and experience tranquility even during the toughest times.

Experience an awakening of the mind and body with Shadow Work Organic Herb & Resin Blend, crafted to help you face past traumas and life shifts. Infuse your spirit with the organic herbs and resin to help you move through any transition or enlightenment and find inner peace. Enjoy an uplifting scent while you embark on a spiritual journey of personal growth.

Use this blend in a heat proof bowl, Shell or burner. Place a small amount in a bowl and light, once a small amount of smoke has built up spread the some around your space or your energy field. Set your positive intentions and tell the unwanted to remove itself from your space. 

Materials Included:
Musk Resin
Peruvian Golden Copal
White Organic Homegrown
White Organic Hibiscus
Homegrown Organic Cypress
Homegrown Organic Marigold
Blue Wildflowers


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